About Eco Move


Eco Move has been the market leader in plastic moving boxes in Auckland New Zealand since 2014.

Our idea came about after moving home a number of times and realising there had to be a better way than using flimsy cardboard boxes that had to be taped, frequently fell apart and then disposed of once we had moved in to our new home.

So a search begun for a better alternative of which there was nothing available so we designed our own product range and Eco Move was born!

Our Eco Move box system has been designed to make your life easier. By providing you with our custom plastic packing boxes, a range of moving dollies and trollies along with eco friendly packing supplies we have made moving easy. By using our range of moving boxes you you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

Did you now?

Cardboard packing boxes – are utilised only 2-3 times - 60% still become landfill sludge.
Eco Move packing boxes – are utilised up to 400 times – 100% of product is then recycled into other products!